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Articles on The LNWR from Various Publications

The LNWR existed for many years (1846 to 1922 or 1923 depending on when you take te end date) during that time there were many railway publications and newspapers that carried articles on the Railway. These articles contain a fascinating amount of information - some factual and some descritive, some correct and some maybe not so accurate. There are also contemporaneous articles that describe opinion of the authors or the 'general public', or at least the authors opinion of their opinion.

As long as these articles are considered in context they do provide a fascinating insight into many aspects of the LNWR, and can be used as entertainment or as background reading into what the Railway was like or what people thought of it - allowing for PR presentation.

Comments on these articles are always welcome, please send an email to the webmaster or use the forum (LNWR History Group forum) to start a discussion. These comments may be included on these pages as part of their presentation

Should anyone have interesting articles that they would like to share then please contact us via the web master link below

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