London & North Western Railway History Group
LNWR 1st Class Diner 249 and 1st Class Sleeping Car 112

There are few surviving vehicles from the LNWR, so any that are available are worth seeing. How better to see the full glory of the LNWR coach livery?
We have here photographs of :
1. LNWR diner, built at Wolverton Works in 1900. In 1912 it was re-numbered LNWR 5249, then after the formation of the LMS it became LMS 10411 in 1924 and LMS 77 in 1933.
2. LNWR 1st class sleeping car 112, built at Wolverton Works in 1907 to diagram D16. It later became LNWR 5112, and in BR times became M39501M.
The photographs were taken in the preserved train shed at the Buckingham Railway Centre, Quainton Road. This train shed was originally part of the LNWR station at Rewley Road, Oxford, and was moved to Quainton Road for preservation. Carriage 249 is currently owned and maintained by the Buckingham Railway Centre under the title LNWR 1st Class Diner No. 77.


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