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LNWR Documents

An organisation the size and longevity of the LNWR generated a massive number of documents. These include memos, letters, waybills, minutes - a seemingly endless list. They all provide some knowledge of the railway. Simple common items such as a parcels ticket provide evidence that parcels originated from or were sent to a particular station. Whereas a letter or memo may provide a clue as to how the railways were run or an insight into the character of the author.

Authors of books hope to collect or view sufficient original documents to describe a person or facet of previous times. However they need to collect sufficient to show that what they describe is common, and not a skewed selection. Consequently many individual items may be ignored. Similarly there must be thousands of items hidden or stored by persons who treasure the idea that their favourite CME wrote this memo over a hundred years ago. Even items that have not been identified and left with other treasured possessions of a parent.

What we have so far is a start of a few documents kindly lent and shewn by permission of Martin O'Keeffe. Please view and if you wish to make any comment or observation then do so via the forum. If we get sufficient information of interest on there then extra comments can be added on the following pages.

Should anyone have interesting documents that they would like to share then please contact us via the web master link below


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