London & North Western Railway History Group

Who are we and why does this site exist

We are a small group of enthusiasts interested in the London and North Western Railway that wish to share our knowledge with like minded people. As such we would very much like to hear from others so that we can share their knowledge as well. As stated on our home page we are interested in the history and in modelling the LNWR. Historians provide the information and modellers bring it to life.

All facets of the railway are of interest. So rolling stock, social history, engineering and anything else we want to study. Similarly we wish to display and describe all scales/gauges, from individual items to layouts. We do not need to describe mainstream modelling techniques however. That is not to diminish their importance but to avoid duplication. This may well result in an eclectic mix of topics, but then we hope to draw in an eclectic mix of people. When we say LNWR we mean we prefer LNWR but tenuous links to other railways are of interest, none of the railway companies existed in isolation. If we get a lot of other railway topics then perhaps a separate section can be added - models of all manufacturers are of interest.

Contributions are not only welcome, they are wanted - email using webmaster link below. It is how we can build an online community. Do not be put off by the many brilliant models present on the site - and there will be many. We need variety and to encourage beginners as well as others to increase the size of the community. Proof that we can accommodate average modellers will appear in time. Speaking of which, this is for most of us a hobby, the site will grow as and when contributions arrive and are suitably formatted, so re-visit on a regular basis.

Finally we have a free to join forum, Here. Comments, questions and discussions on any LNWR history and models may be added there.


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