London & North Western Railway History Group

Here are the latest versions of Postscripts for some of the most important books that anyone interested in the LNWR may wish to read. They have been compiled by the book authors.
Select the underlined view keyword of any document, it will be downloaded as a pdf file that you can read or save locally. Should you have any suggestions for additions to any document then please use the Contact Webmaster link below. Your email will be forwarded to the author

Edward TalbotLNWR Liveriesview
Edward TalbotThe LNWR Recalledview
Edward TalbotRailways In and Around Staffordview
Edward TalbotEight-Coupled Goods Engines (LMS Liveries)view
Edward TalbotAn Illustrated History of LNWR Enginesview
Edward TalbotEight-Coupled Goods Enginesview
Harry JackLocomotives of the LNWR Southern Divisionview
R.M.Casserley and P.A.MillardA Register of West Coast Joint Stockview
John GoodmanL&NWR Locomotive Names:The Named Locomotives of The London & North Western Railway and its Constituent Companiesview

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