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Locomotives Not Designed by LNWR


North London Railway 2-2-2 tank No. 15A at Hammersmith about 1880.

North London Railway No. 15A at Hammersmith station about 1877-80. It was built originally as a Bury type 2-2-0 by Rothwell & Co in 1837 for the London & Birmingham Railway on which it was No. 25 and it continued with that number on the LNWR Southern Division from 1846. Rebuilt in 1851-2 as a 2-2-2 well tank, it was hired to the North London Railway in 1854 and sold to that company in October 1855. It became NLR No. 15, was put on the duplicate list as 15A in 1869 and was scrapped sometime after 1880. Seen on the left in the photograph is Driver Alf Warner and on the footplate Fireman Billy Clarke who were the regular crew on the Acton – Hammersmith service until 1910.


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