London & North Western Railway History Group
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Bringing Modellers and Historians together

Welcome to the home page of the LNWR Study Group

We are a small group of enthusiasts interested in the London and North Western Railway that wish to share our knowledge with like minded people. As such we would very much like to hear from others so that we can share their knowledge as well. We are interested in the history and in modelling the LNWR. Historians provide the information and modellers bring it to life. For a more complete account Select here

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Site changes and coming soon Last updated 12th September 2023

To build a site like this from scratch takes a lot of effort and time. Not only for the ideas, research and collection of data/photographs but there is the minor detail of formatting on any site. So please bear with us and see the site grow over the weeks. We already have a lot of ideas and drafts of topics ready but it needs to be co-ordinated and formatted. That is my excuse anyway !

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