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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Miscellaneous Vans.

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Beer van, to carry 10tons The first LNWR beer vans were built in 1866 for Allsopps, near Watford. Based on D32/D33 the sides and ends were slatted and they were painted white at first, though grey by 1910. A total of 270 were built. In 1921, 25 were rebuilt into bulk grain carriers and fitted with hoppers. Photo of wagon
Gunpowder van, to carry 5tons Small LNWR gunpowder vans were in use before 1875, with small numbers being built just into the 20th Century. They were painted red and amazingly about 30 survived into LMS days. Photo of wagon
Gunpowder van, to carry 7tons As with many other railways, the LNWR's last gunpowder vans were based on the GWR's 16ft iron Mink design. The LNWR had just ten, all built to replaces life-expired D43 vans. They were painted red. Photo of wagon
Pooley's tool van, to carry 7tons and 10tons Used by Pooley to maintain their weigbridges and weighing machines, the LNWR lumped 15ft 6in and 18ft vans all together in this one diagram. The design was very like that of the Tranship vans and Loco Tool vans (neither of which appeared in the diagram book), but unlike any other LNWR vans. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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