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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Vans for Perishable Traffic.

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Butter van, to carry 7tons A ventilated version of D33, 75 were built in 1899 to 1900 for Irish butter arriving at Holyhead and were painted white until 1911. It is likely that most urvived until 1923.
Meat van, to carry 6tons The standard LNWR 16ft ventilated van for many years, about 600 of these tall, outside framed vans were built between 1876 and1900. It is likely that most were inherited by the LMS in 1923. Photo of wagon
Meat van (insulated), to carry 6tons A short lived design, essentially an 18ft version of D45, just one batch of 50 was built 1904 before the later inside framed types appeared. Photo of wagon
Meat van (insulated), to carry 6tons The final design of LNWR meat van being 18ft long and double planked, 400 were built between 1906 and the Grouping. Photo of wagon
Refrigerator van, to carry 6tons One of the first inside framed vans built by the LNWR, these 16ft refrigerator vans appeared in 1884 and 558 had been bult before being superceded by D46a in 1904. They were painted white Photo of wagon
Refrigerator van, to carry 6tons An updated and enlarged version of D46 appeared in 1911. 18ft long, 225 had been built by 1922 and they were always painted white. Photo of wagon
Banana van, to carry 7tons A short lived interim 16ft design rather like D87 but ventilated, it is believed that just 12 were built in 1904 before an 18ft version was introduced..
Covered goods van (insulated), to carry 10tons A insulated version of the ubiquitous D88 but with full height doors. Introduced in 1912 and probably built up to the Grouping. Photo of wagon
Banana van - with sliding doors, to carry 10tons Just one van to this 16ft inside framed design was built in 1904 for banana traffic from Liverpool. A greatly improved 18ft version (D92) appeared in 1906. Photo of wagon
Fruit van, to carry 10tons Just 25 of these vans were built in 1906 for banana traffic. They were a ventilated version of D88.
Fruit van with sliding doors - steam heated - hand & vacuum, 10tons This further development of the banana van (D86 and D92) with sliding doors was introduced in 1905 and it is thought that maybe 200 were built before being superceded by D95a in 1911. Photo of wagon
Fruit van insulated with sliding doors - steam heated - hand & vacuum, 10tons The final design of ventilated can, a development of the 18ft D95 but with adjustable louvres. 425 were built from 1911 and construction continued after the Grouping. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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