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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Covered Goods Vans.

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Covered goods van, to carry 7tons The standard LNWR covered van from the 1860s until 1893, by which time about 6,000 had been built. 15ft 6in long, the side doors slid inside the framing and were on one side only, but with the sliding roof door too, gave a huge hole for loading. Probably only a handful were left by 1923. Photo of wagon
Covered goods van, to carry 7tons The logical replacement for D32 was this, a 16ft version with sliding doors both sides. About 6,000 were made from 1894 until replaced by a new D87 design in 1904. Photo of wagon
Covered goods van, to carry 10tons Before he retired in 1903, Emmett experimented with larger wagons and this was the result, a rather unimaginative D33 stretched to 18ft. Just the one was built.
Covered goods van, to carry 10tons Emmett's final development of his outside framed design was this 1903 one-off van, this time stretched to 20ft. It later received oil axleboxes, so may well have lasted into LMS days.
Covered goods van, to carry 10tons Although built in 1903, this was a completely new design, ressembling a D87 with inside framing and much larger all round. It was a one-off, 21ft 6in long and probably lasted into LMS ownership.
Covered goods van, to carry 15tons This was the final experimental one-off van from 1903, again with inside framing but streched to 27ft. It probably lasted until about 1930. Photo of wagon
Covered goods van, to carry 10tons Another one-off design, apparently built in 1902 but in the later style with inside framing and 16ft long. It dos not appear to have survived into LMS days. However, it was almost identical to D87 which did survive.
Covered goods van, to carry 10tons Unlike any other LNWR wagons, these were taken from a firm in Birmingham in lieu of debts and used for bulk grain. There were just seven, 13ft 9.5in long and with vertical planking with a steel unerframe. Photo of wagon
Covered goods van for express traffic, to carry 10tons Introduced in 1904 as a larger, more modern van, these were all through piped for express traffic. However, being only 16ft long, they were soon superceded by the D88 vans which were very similar but 18ft long. It is said that 1,350 were built, but . the number could have been a lot less. Photo of wagon
Covered goods van, to carry 10tons The final LNWR standard van. Double planked and 18ft long, over 6,000 were built between 1908 and 1923-4. Most had handbrakes only, but some were through piped or vacuum fitted, denotd by one or two diagonal stripes painted white on their sides. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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