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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Cattle Wagons.

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Cattle wagon (small), to carry 7tons The smallest of three types of LNWR stadard cattle wagon at 13ft 6in long, these were built from the 1870s originally without roofs (which is probably they are known as wagons rather than vans). At least 550 were built before removable partitions allowed medium and large wagons to carry the equivalent of a small wagon and no more were built after 1882. Photo of wagon
Cattle wagon (medium), to carry 7tons The most numerous of LNWR cattle wagons and built fro 1863, the first examples were roofless and 15ft 6in long. Roofs were soon added and the length increased to 16ft 2in in the early 1890s. 1,425 were taken into LMS stock in 1923. Photo of wagon
Cattle wagon (large), to carry 10tons The standard Large cattle wagons were built alongside the medium types and went through all the same design improvements. The measured 18ft 9in and 891 survived into LMS ownership. Production continued however until at least 1924 and some late examples carried LMS numbers in the ex-L&YR number sequence so could have been built for the L&Y from 1922. Photo of wagon
Special cattle wagon, to carry 6tons These vans appeared in 1888 and were used for prize cattle, especially bulls. The main difference was louvres in the upper sides but the interior layout was just the same as the standard vans albeit 18ft 3in long outside. 25 were built 21 survived into LMS ownership. Photo of wagon
Fowlers' cattle wagon, to carry 6tons Two of these vans were built in 1888 specially for Mr.P.H.Fowler of Watford and included a water tank on the roof. They were withdrawn or rebuilt to other types (D23 and D26) in 1912/13. Photo of wagon
Cattle wagon with compartment for man, to carry 6tons Built to the unusual length of 19ft 9in, six of these were built in 1899, the design being very similar to D23 but with the addition of a compartent for the drover. Just two survived into LMS ownership. Photo of wagon
Cattle wagon with compartment for man, to carry 6tons This 22ft cattle wagon gave a little more space for the cattle compared with D25. A total of eleven were built from 1902 and all survived to be taken over by the LMS. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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