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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Timber Wagons.

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Timber wagon (ordinary), to carry 10tons This was the standard and most numerous LNWR bolster wagon, with over 1,700 bult from the early days until 1911 and all had dumb buffers until after 1913. 1,467 passed to the LMS in 1923. Photo of wagon
Twin timber wagons, each to carry 10tons One bolster wagon isn't much use, so they normally ran in multiples. This twin design came out in 1875 and each was 12ft 9in long, increased to 14ft 10 1/2in for later examples. 1,538 were taken into LMS stock. Photo of wagon
Timber wagon 24ft 0in long, to carry 10tons Described by some railways as "Deal wagons" they were introduced in 1877 and 819 were built including a few built after 1923. Six ere altered in 1910 to have higher fixed sides and drop down ends, whilst another 12 were strengthened for traction engines and other heavy wheeled machinery. Photo of wagon
Timber trolley, to carry 30tons The final design of LNWR timber wagon, a 40ft steel trolley with four bolsters. 50 were built from 1911 and all survived the Grouping. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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