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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Ballast Wagons.

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Rail wagons, each to carry 10tons 50 pairs of wagons were built in 1874 specifically for transporting rails. Very like timber wagons with bolsters, each wagon was 15ft 6in long, so were ideal for the 30ft rails then in use. All, or their replacements, survived into LMS ownership. Photo of wagon
Rail wagons, each pair to carry 50tons Spare frames from McConnell 6-wheeled tenders were utilised from 1887 to make 13 pairs of rail wagons, with bolsters. Each had a wheelbase of 5ft 6in + 5ft 6in. Six pairs were converted in 1907 to carry naval guns. Photo of wagon
Rail wagons, each pair to carry 60tons Probably built at the same time as D49, these 3 pairs of wagons used the larger tender underframes with a wheelbase 7ft + 7ft. These may also have been converted to carry naval guns.
Ballast wagon, to carry 10tons The early 13ft 6in ballast wagons had probably all been replaced by this 16ft type before the diagram book was drawn up in 1903. Introduced in 1885, they had dropsides and the end stanchions were raised above the ends, so as to hold long timbers and possibly occasional rails loaded across the tops of the wagons. Photo of wagon
Ballast wagon, to carry 10tons [18ft] The logical development of D62 was this 18ft version which appeared in 1914. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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