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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Departmental Coal Wagons.

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Coal wagon, S.& C., end door only, to carry 10tons Photo of wagon
Coal wagon, Carr. dept, to carry 10tons Built to carry coal to the Carriage Department workshops, about 70 of these were built c1881 and most were still in use approaching the Grouping. 16ft long, they had raised ends like the d64 Loco Coal Wagons, but side doors like a D9.
Loco coal wagon, to carry 10tons At least 3,020 of these 16ft wagons were built from c1881 and 125 were still running in 1937. 16ft long, they had raised ends and no side doors at all. Photo of wagon
Loco hopper wagon, to carry 10tons A solitary hopper wagon built in 1912, it was 16ft and high sided. It lasted until at least 1937.
Loco hopper wagon, to carry 15tons Very similar to D64 but to the new standard 18ft length, 631 were built from 1913 util the Grouping and some were still runing in 1943. Photo of wagon
Loco coal wagon, to carry 10tons At least 266 of these were built from c1909 and some survivd into BR days. They were 18ft 4plank wagons based on the standard D84, but with no side doors. Photo of wagon
Loco coal wagon with end door, to carry 10tons An 18ft wagon similar to D64c but with an end door, 105 were built in 1919 and 1920 and all were still running in 1937. Photo of wagon
Loco coal wagon - steel body and frame, to carry 20tons A unique design for the LNWR, 60 of these 21ft all steel 20ton wagons were built from 1902 and most survived into the Second World War. Photo of wagon
Steamboat coal wagon, to carry 10tons From 1877 the LNWR built wagons specifically for loading steamboats at Holyhead where their end doors allowed discharge straight in to the holds of ships. The first examples were probably 15ft long, but from 1877 they were 16ft wih one end door and doors either side too. c 140 were built and some lasted into LMS days. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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