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List wagons built by the LNWR of type General Bogie Trollies.

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Trolley, to carry 20tons 3 of these wagons with the criss cross style ends were built in 1904. They were similar to D70, D71 and D81 but shorter, having a well just 16ft long. One survived just into BR days.
Trolley, to carry 20tons A single wagon built c1865 for use in Liverpool Docks. 15ft 6in long and scrapped in 1907.
Trolley, to carry 25tons 5 D77 trollies were rebuilt from 1919 with a new design of bogie (the old bogies started life beneath locomotive tender and were over 50 years old). They lasted until the 1950s.
Trolley, to carry 40tons 2 built in 1907, with an 18ft well, both scrapped in 1951. Photo of wagon
Platform trolley, to carry 40tons 10 built 1907-9 and intended for transporting Lancashire boilers on their 40ft flat floor. All were later fitted with removeable bolsters, and the last one was scrapped in 1955. Photo of wagon
Wire rope trolley, to carry 38tons A single wagon designed to carry a coil of rope on a drum, slung between two bogies. Built in the 1890s and scrapped in 1922
Trolley, to carry 40tons The last standard design for LNWR trolley wagons, although only 2 were built to this diagram in 1909, the two subsequent diagrams were to the same design but differed in size. Their well was 25ft 6in and the last was scrapped in the 1950s. Photo of wagon
Trolley, to carry 40tons 3 built 1909 to a similar design to D101 but with a 35ft 6in well. The last was scrapped in 1956. Photo of wagon
Trolley, to carry 40tons The longest wagons to his design, 5 were built in 1909 with a 35ft 7in well. The last was scrapped in 1954. Photo of wagon
Trolley, to carry 25tons Unlike any other LNWR trolley wagons, this unique wagon was built in 1913 with a detachable framework and a gap in the bed, for carrying ships' propellers. It was scrapped in 1952. Photo of wagon
Rectank trollies, to carry 35tons Built for the War Department in 1918 for transporting tanks, the LNWR purchased 40 of these secondhand in 1921. The last LNWR owned example was withdrawn in 1962. Photo of wagon
W.D. bogie trolley, to carry 40tons Built for the War Department in 1917 for transporting tanks, the LNWR purchased 26 of these secondhand in 1921 and fitted most of them with removeable bosters for use as timber wagons. The last LNWR owned example was withdrawn in 1963. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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