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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Boiler Trollies.

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Boiler trolley, to carry 10tons Eleven of this type were built between 1870 and 1883. 28ft 5in long, with an 18ft 1in load space. All were withdrawn before the Grouping.
Boiler trolley, to carry 20tons Three of these were built in 1886 utilising the frames from scrapped McConnel 4-wheeled tenders. They had a 35ft load space and all were taken over by the LMS. Photo of wagon
Boiler trolley, to carry 25tons Almost identical to D76 but a shorter load space of 32ft allowed the higher weight. After 1919 five were fitted with new bogies all allocated D77a.
Boiler trolley, to carry 25tons Five D77 wagons with new bogies. Withdrawn about 1928. Photo of wagon
Boiler trolley, to carry 30tons Another design using surplus McConnel tender frames but probably originally on 12 wheels, with a 35ft load space. Reduced to 8 wheels later. Just five were built and all were scrapped around 1910. Photo of wagon
Boiler trolley, coupled, to carry 30tons Just two pairs of these curious articulated wagons were built in 1890 to transport large boilers. Both were taken over by the LMS and one even survived to be owned by BR! Photo of wagon
Boiler trolley, to carry 35tons One of a number of trolley wagons (D70, D71, D75) with end framing in criss cross style, this wagon had a 35ton capacity and a load space of 32ft. It was built in 1889 and scrapped in 1938.
Boiler trolley, to carry 36tons Unlike any other LNWR bogie wagons, two of these were built in 1867 and both were scrapped in 1909.
Boiler trolley, to carry 50tons Three of these 12-wheeled trollies were built in 1884 to 1886 utilising the frames from old McConnel tenders. They could carry 50 tons, but with a load space of just 25ft. All survived to be taken over by the LMS in 1923. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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