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List wagons built by the LNWR of type Brake Vans.

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Goods brake van The standard LNWR brake van for about 25 years, they were introduced n the 1860s and about 1,500 were built. 15ft 6in long and rated at 10tons, several survived into LMS ownership. Photo of wagon
Goods brake van In 1894 this larger, 18ft 6-wheeled design appeared. It was a lengtheed D16 and rated at 20tons. About 350 were built and two even survived into preservation, albeit one as a grounded body. Photo of wagon
Goods brake van A more modern replacement for the D17 with inside framing, these became the standard LNWR 18ft 20ton van from 1907 until 1917, about 600 were built and several lasted into BR ownership, especially as ballast brakes. Photo of wagon
Goods brake van This final LNWR desig of goods brake van appeared in 1917 and was dubbed the "crystal palace" due to the additional windows! 539 were built to this 20ton design and probably all were take over by the LMS with half a dozen being preserved. Photo of wagon
Goods brake van A double ended, 20ton version of D16, though larger at 18ft. Just 6 were built. Photo of wagon
Goods brake van, hand & vacuum Rather like a double ended D17a but 20ft long for distance running, just one of these vans was built in 1905 and rated at 15tons. Photo of wagon
Goods brake van, hand & vacuum Even more like a lengthened D17, 26 of these single ended 20ft 15ton vans were built in 1906 to 1912. Photo of wagon
Goods brake van - ogee seats, hand & vacuum Finally, for distance runing, we have a 20ft 15ton van with lookouts rather like a Crystal Palace (D17b) but without the additional windows. Just five of these were built in 1907 and 1913. Photo of wagon

Data kindly provided by Mike Williams.

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